Thursday, January 8, 2015

South Beach... LOVE DAT PLACE!

Hello there!

Today is the coldest it has been here in a while. I think the wind chill is -6 degrees. When I got to work I felt the need to return to a time of warmth. Namely, when my friend Tyler and I were able to sneak away to South Beach in between two of my Florida weddings last November. Don't get me wrong... I love my Florida weddings, or all weddings, but getting away for a day with my best friend and just shooting things that interested me really gets my creative batteries charged. I only get to do it once a year or so, either with Tyler or my other photographer buddy, Estal. (I think my Cade's Cove photos with Estal are somewhere on this blog too).

Tyler and I photographed a family in Cortez (Bradenton, Florida) one night,  then we headed to Miami after that. We checked into a cheap hotel near the beach (Thanks Priceline) and crashed until sunrise. There were quite a few clouds that morning, which wasn't great for me, but we made it work. Here are some of my meanderings within a 1 mile radius. We had to be gone by noon, but we ha

d a blast anyway. I used a Nikon 300s camera and lenses from 11mm to 200mm. Everything was handheld. ENJOY!

Until next time! Al