Monday, July 13, 2009

Photographic Adventures In the Garage

Hello everyone, this blog is brought to you by Billy D. Al and myself had quite the photographic adventure today. Here is how the story goes. About two weeks ago Al and I both had to take our vehicles in to get work done on them, and I suggested to Al to try out my car expert. So he did. While sitting in the waiting room I dreamed up a shot in my mind. So we asked Doug if he would be willing to do a photo shoot in his garage. He gladly accepted. So this morning around 8 am Al and I headed Over to Doug's Service Center. We piled 4 cars and 6 lights and one of Doug's workers to accomplish one shot. We used four power lights along with two q-flashes. Needless to say we were throwing around a lot of power. Doug was very patient with us, as we tested our lighting. We had a great time with Doug and I hope we were able to capture his love for automobiles, trucks, and anything else with an engine!. We were treated as family just like all his customers. If you ever need anything car or truck related be sure to check out Doug's Service Center, 4411 30th Street West, 755-0158