Wednesday, October 9, 2013


-Hey everyone!

The soggy group on our second day. Image by Gordon Kreplin


Ken Sklute on the first morning

Bry braving the elements

With the government and the national parks  being shut down right now, I thought it was a perfect time to post a few shots from my trip to the smokies during the Tennessee Professional Photographers Convention a few weeks ago. I was honored to spend some quality time with three of the speakers and some of the TNPPA attendees that got up early. I was able to get away at dawn twice. Both days were gorgeous, just one was much wetter than the other. It was inspiring to see everyone get out in the rain to photograph. It just felt good. Wet, but good. There were tripods and long exposures happening everywhere.Then we celebrated our trip with pancakes! The city of Pigeon Forge's main export is pancakes I think! I want to thank Gordon Kreplin, Bry Cox, and my mentor Ken Sklute for coming to Tennessee to share their knowledge and judging skills. Thank goodness the park was not closed that week! I did really well at the image competition too, but that is for another article. The image of our group on the second day is by Gordon Kreplin. See you next time!