Saturday, April 28, 2007

A chance to give back

A few short weeks ago, Rick Delorme ( and I were honored to help continue the legacy of our friend and mentor, the late Monte Zucker. Monte had begun teaching a group of about 15 10 year olds in the Miami school system. Theses kids have lived a very hard life in their short life span, and it was so great to see them excited about making photographs! Canon gave the school 10 Canon cameras, and these kids were sharing them. Monte had seen them about 5 times before he passed away, and it was fulfilling to Rick and I to continue what Monte had started. They really seemed to use the information we gave them right away.

Here are a few photos that Rick took during our class that day.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Billy and Bronwyn

A shot of the ceremony with my "Sky-Cam"!

April 22 wedding!

Nikki, Grahm, and I had a wonderful time at Ca d 'zan yesterday at the John Ringling Museum, photographing Billy and Bronwyn's wedding. We had photographed her sister's wedding last year, and we were treated like family. The weather was perfect! During the receiving line, I was able to capture the happy couple enjoying their first few minutes of husband and wife.