Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Nashville Blast (Keila and Eric)

Recently, we had the beautiful opportunity to photograph a wedding that will go down in books as an experience to be remembered. I knew these ladies were going to be easy to photograph because they were all cosmetologists with vibrant personalities! This was the first wedding our newest addition to the Gordon and Ralston photography team got to join us. Blair, who was fresh off the bus from Texas, assisted with reflectors and lights while Larry and I had a blast capturing these vibrant personalities. There was a tan wall in Keila's hotel room next to a huge window. The wall was an amazing compliment color to the girl's dresses. It was splendid. They all could have been models! Have I mentioned how good looking these ladies were? Well, I guess I should mention that the men were very well groomed as well. They were fresh from the barber shop, and singing 90's pop songs. This was all around a great looking group, and full of life! 

This was a gorgeous wall in the girl's hotel room. We used a reflector and window light, and the girls did the rest. 

Such a fun group on the Shelby Pedestrian Bridge.

Nashville, TN Wedding Photography
Shelby Pedestrian Bridge


Judy Simpson said...

Wow, great job guys and all!

zerry ht said...

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