Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014! Woot Woot!

With 2014 here, I waned to share some of my thoughts on wedding photography as it stands now.

I photographed my first wedding in the mid 80s. There. I said it. By my calculations that means that I have photographed over 1000 weddings. And I still love every one. With a passion. There is nothing better than seeing one of my couples shed tears of joy when they relive the wedding day thorough my photographs. I am used to  delivering a finished, retouched album that is cherished for generations.

They say that this is the first generation of people since the inception of photography that may end up with NO photographs. So many people keep their photographs on a tablet. or computer. And yes, many of them will back them up on a DVD. But, as technology continues to grow and change, who is to say those photographs will even be able to be opened in 10 years? Its pretty hard now to find products to view cassettes now, or err.. 8 track tapes!  Although 90% of my brides still buy an album from me, it is not that way with many wedding photographers in the industry. And the bride and groom will stash their treasured dvd or thumb drive in a drawer and make a promise to print them -someday soon. And that usually does not happen. They will however , end up on some social media. Maybe.

I am asking everyone to PRINT their personal images they care about, and buy retouched cherished PRINTS and Albums from your professional photographer.  Did you know more photographers are getting sued over bad and lost wedding images than ever before? Hire a TRAINED PROFESSIONAL for your once in a lifetime event! Someone that really cares about you and the craft of photography. Its worth every penny.

Thanks so much!


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Unknown said...

Your photography is awesome. It reminded me of my sister’s wedding at one of NYC wedding venues. There we had a very talented photographer who impressed everyone with his great work. Was truly in love with the photography.