Thursday, October 4, 2012


Larry and I were honored to photograph the funeral of a prominent man in Murfreesboro this morning. It was immediately obvious from photos and the American flag that the man was a veteran. I personally was not a member of the armed forces but I  began to think of the people in my family that were, but are not around anymore. My father (WW2) and my brother (Vietnam) seemed to be with me this morning. From what I remember, they rarely spoke of their time in the service, but I do know I was very proud of them both.My partner Larry did serve in the military, and I am sure this morning brought back memories for him. It was very moving to hear taps played by the bugler, and see the flag being handed to his late wife today.. Please take the time to thank a veteran, a policeman, a firefighter, anyone who puts their life on the line everyday for our city, state, and country. Please do it before they are not around to hear you. These people are heroes, and they need to know how much they are respected and loved.

Have a good day!

Al Gordon

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